Tools and equipment for the greenhouse

5 990,00$8 459,00$

This electric work platform will considerably accelerate your work at height in the greenhouse compared to the use of stepladders.

2 998,00$

Tilting agricultural hopper for transporting plant waste. Equipped with pneumatic wheels but can also be transported by machine. Capacity: 1m3

2 920,00$

This mobile work platform accelerates work at height compared to the use of stepladders: suckering, lowering and clipping plants.

1 325,00$

Simple manual scaffolding for work at height inside the greenhouse.


Streamlined and perfectly suited for greenhouse conditions, this harvest cart is durable, stable, adjustable and narrow.


This model of cart for the extension and support of plastic tarps and other spools like drip tape allows a single operator to carry out the work. Easy to use. Galvanized steel frame for increased durability. Extendable for spools between 200-350cm. Pneumatic wheels for better movement. 20mm solid axle.  


This tomato plant support (wicket) speeds up lowering and solid fertilization operations on the ground. Made of galvanized steel. *** Available in October ***