Productivité végétale – Ministerial initiative

Most of the equipment we sell allows the agricultural operation to save at least 40 hours in a year for the targeted task.

This means that if you are eligible, you could benefit from this financial aid up to 50 000$.

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The Quick Coupling Triangle.

Safe, fast and ergonomic, the “A-Frame” quick-hitch will save you tons.

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We are proudly distributing AMATE products for Canada

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BuckEye Tractor Co.

We are happy to bring Buckeye Tractor equipment easily accessible to Canadians. This company has a strong reputation of making robust and quality equipments. They manufacture specialty field equipment for the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers: tools for the preparation and maintenance of your permanent beds, cultivators, mulch and drip tape applicator, disc bedders, rippers, sub-soilers…

Tractor equipement

Other equipment and parts

Bedlifter blade (standalone)


Standalone bedlifter blades with desired width (thickness x width x length) in inches

Other equipment and parts

Gauge wheel (set of 2)


Set of two gauge wheels (rignt and left) available in different variations

Washing and conditionning

Garlic Dryer

9 500,00$

Garlic dryer  for the drying and curing of garlic, onions, and winter squash in optimal conditions for long-term preservation

From 2 950 $

All-in-one vegetable and container washing station: soaking, bubbling, high-pressure washing.

Soil preparation

Bedder cultivator

From 2 710 $

Customisable bedder with multiple available options

Mulch and driptape equipment

Drip Tape Applicators

920,00$1 190,00$

Drip applicator for 1, 2, or 3 rows and coil supports.

Mulch and driptape equipment

Electrical row-cover winder

3 400,00$

Electric winder for the rolling and unrolling of tarps, nets, mulch, fabrics, and drip systems.


Vertical chisel tooth on vertical 1" x 4" bar