Productivité végétale – Ministerial initiative

Most of the equipment we sell allows the agricultural operation to save at least 40 hours in a year for the targeted task.

This means that if you are eligible, you could benefit from this financial aid up to 50 000$.

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The Quick Coupling Triangle.

Safe, fast and ergonomic, the “A-Frame” quick-hitch will save you tons. [...]

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We are proudly distributing AMATE products for Canada

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BuckEye Tractor Co.

We are happy to bring Buckeye Tractor equipment easily accessible to Canadians. This company has a strong reputation of making robust and quality equipments. They manufacture specialty field equipment for the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers: tools for the preparation and maintenance of your permanent beds, cultivators, mulch and drip tape applicator, disc bedders, rippers, sub-soilers…

Tractor equipement

Post-harvest and Marketing

Roller Conveyor 8’x18″


A simple light weight yet durable roller conveyor. Plastic rollers with aluminum frame. 8' long by 18" wide. Optional set of adjustable support legs. An essential in all operations where crates and boxes are moved.



From: 335,00$

Sub-soilers are built heavier than Chisel for deeper penetration and soil fracture below plow level. Our SubSoiler shanks are rated at 50 PTO-HP per shank and/or maximum 20” depth and feature shear-bolt protection.

From: 335,00$

The 3 Shank Chisel Plow is a durable and efficient tilling equipment available for rent with optional bedder attachment. It is easy to use, maneuverable, and adjustable to suit your tilling needs. It is available for rent for flexible durations, including 3 days, a week, or longer, to accommodate your specific needs.

Tractor equipment

Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder


The hydraulic double acting top link is a must have for precise and dynamic adjustment of machine angle during operation. All hydraulic top links come with their hoses. Please refer to our selection guide to pick the perfect fit for your setup.

Tractor equipment

Crimper Roller

5 990,00$

Crimpers knock down cover crops, crimping the stems in several places, stopping the sap flow and forming a mulch matt to suffocate weeds. The following crop can then be planted directly into the crimped crop. Specs:

  • 8' wide; 7' crimping length (other sizes available on request)
  • Cat II 3 point hitch
  • 12 blades per drum (7-3/4” Spacing)
  • ¼” thick replaceable blades
  • 30” diameter crimp rollers
  • 350 pounds per foot when 2/3 full of water

Manual equipment for field production

Manual Multi-Purpose Flamer

2 375,00$

This Multi-purpose Flamer is perfect for small acreages, large scale gardening and commercial landscape use when a hand torch is too small. The five burner unit easily rolls where you want it and makes quick work of a multitude of flame applications . Perfect for pre-emergent treatments of garden seed beds and pre-seeding treatments of lawns. *** Propane tank not included ***

Tractor equipment

Drip Tape Applicators

920,00$1 190,00$

Manual equipment for field production

Harvest Wheelbarrow


Harvest wheelbarrow specially designed to circulate in the aisles between the cultivation beds. Well balanced and does not overturn easily. Containers located above the wheel exert almost zero net weight on the operator. *** Available in October ***